Good Morning Sunshine

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I’m taking time this morning to fill myself with gratitude.

Headed to the beach after dropping my oldest off for his shift at Starbucks. Only now just a few minutes away from my the main reason why we moved here. The BEACH…The OCEAN. 😉

I go there to exercise, to meditate, to find balance.

Becoming certified as a personal trainer in 2014 my goals became to help others find fitness for our health, well being and longevity.

At that time I was running barefoot in the sand and doing heavy workout styles, like boot camp.

I love a good beat down and knowing that I survived and will fight stronger another day, is the reason for my why.

But my main reason for “my” why is, because as I get older I still want to be able to do all the things I love to do.

Things like camping with my family. And that’s when I was introduced to a paddle board.

All I kept thinking was, what can’t I do on this board. And that’s how Paddleboard Fitness 101 was started.

If you have never done a plank on a paddle board, not only is the resistance pushed further but it’s all done while floating.

There is nothing like it. And I want to share that experience with others. Life is short, get out and love the life you live.

I am always honored when people allow me to be a part of that exploration.

Today I share with this planet gratitude for all it’s beauty, the adventure I get to create and the love I feel my in heart.

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